Don’t Create a SUP Launch Area on the Fuel Dock!

Harbor staff is proposing to build a new, dedicated launch area on the Gas Dock/Fuel Dock near the harbor mouth!  This idea is UNSAFE and most not be approved for the following reasons:

  • The fuel dock is the CLOSEST possible point to the harbor mouth – the area where there is the most boat traffic, boat wake, swell, wind and tacking sailboats.
  • Unskilled, beginning SUP paddlers would be launching from the fuel dock right into this traffic and hazards – the result will be a SUP “yard sale” as the paddlers spill in middle of the channel at the harbor mouth.
  • SUP paddlers launching from the fuel dock will be a navigational hazard, especially for boats utilizing the fuel dock or the boat launch ramp, as well as all channel traffic.
  • This new SUP launch area will create additional parking and traffic demand on the already impacted Crow’s Nest parking lot.  There will be less parking availability for the harbor beach business and patrons.

The harbor has the right idea in creating a dedicated SUP launch dock, so that SUP paddlers never again launch from the Boat Launch ramp area – which never should have been allowed in the first place.  However, any new SUP launch dock should be constructed in the *UPPER* harbor, where boat traffic is significantly less, wind is minimized, and swell is non-existent.

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