6 thoughts on “Petition

  1. This fee SHOULD NOT be imposed on users of the floating dock. These users DO NOT cause “wear and tear” to any part of the harbor, DO NOT occupy parking spots intended for boat ramp patrons, DO NOT congest or crowd the boat ramp.
    These users DO spend money at local shops and restaurants, DO recreate in an environmentally friendly/sustainable way, DO encompass a rapidly increasing number of participants.
    The reason for this fee is perfectly sensible for users of the BOAT RAMP on the east side of the harbor but does not apply to users of the floating dock on the west side.
    As a kayak angler, I routinely launch from the floating dock on the west side of the harbor before first light. I believe I speak for the entire local kayak fishing community by saying that this fee is offensive, inappropriate, and pointless. We will boycott the harbor and businesses within the harbor and use the beaches instead. Please don’t make this fee a reality.

  2. Maybe the harbormaster can issue annual stickers for $20 to affix to the board/kayak. The sticker can also instruct the user to STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE CHANNEL. Got a sticker, no problem. No sticker, pony up $10. I have personally pulled kayakers out of the water because they rolled over and couldn’t save themselves. The harbor has also assisted MANY inexperienced kayakers and paddle boarders because 1) they don’t know what they’re doing and 2) are careless. Constantly the harbor has to send out an officer to control paddle traffic so they don’t get run over by incoming/outgoing boats. You want the slip owners to have to pay for this? I don’t think so. Wouldn’t hurt to add a kayak/paddle board lane while were at it. Paddling in front of a sailboat with limited control is dangerous and stupid. I feel better.

  3. I have paid this fee many times. It’s the law. If you don’t like it, launch from the beach. I am pleased to see the loser liberals getting hit with government fees. WHINE away hippies! You all love the laws. The laws that’d ruined my salmon fishing business. The laws that force me to pay twice the property tax as my neighbors, just cuz they’re old and they bought their house when I was in junior high. The laws that support fat cat retirement for firefighters at 50. And the laws that enable some doosh to work as a tax collector and then retire on the beach at 90% pay. Finally, all you hippies get hit with a fee that hurts. (And stay on the right side of the channel, too. You’re a hazard to navigation. Yes, this means you fattie.)

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