Conversations with users of the public launch docks have lead to a general agreement that there are three things that users of the docks should do to protest the proposed fee.  Please join your fellow paddlers and sailors in taking the following actions:

1)  WRITE or EMAIL THE PORT COMMISSION!  (most important)

Please write or email the Port Commission to protest the fee.  The Port Commission is an elected body that governs the Port District.  Please keep your communication to the Port Commission polite, civil and fact-based — serving on the Commission is a thankless, unpaid post.  Appeal to them on behalf of the public that uses the free launch docks and help them understand the importance of this resources to the public and the Santa Cruz community.

Here is a letter template you may use if you wish

Email the entire Port Commission at  scpd@santacruzharbor.org

  US Mail:
Santa Cruz Port Commission, All Members
135 Fifth Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA  95062

Please also:
Email Congressman Sam Farr HERE
Email the California Coastal Commission at:  susan.craig@coastal.ca.gov


Sign THIS online petition letting the Santa Cruz Port Commission and Staff know that the new fee is bad public policy.  CLICK HERE


Please attend the Port Commission meeting on Tuesday, February 19th, 6:30 PM, Santa  Cruz Yacht Club Meeting Room, 244 4th Avenue, Santa Cruz.  At this meeting, harbor staff will be proposing a whole “pilot  program” of new fees, rules and regulations related to human-powered watercraft (aka HPW) which includes kayaks, SUPs, outriggers, dingys, etc.  It is important that the various HPW communities attend this meeting to hear the harbor’s new proposals in person.

If you use the free hand-launch docks please take the actions above or your safe and affordable access to the harbor and Monterey Bay may be eliminated!!!

4 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION

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  2. Thanks for this thorough evaluation of the problem and possible arguments to change the proposal. I was recently aware of a right- of- way issue involving mountain biking. My understanding was that if a right of way was allowed continually it became a public access. Would this apply here?

  3. Joining the effort today – saw the Patch article. The fee should be lower. I see the need for some sort of fee if no tax revenue supports the Harbor. But, $10 for the average kayaker or paddleboarder is too high. Perhaps a compromise can be met? It needs to be considered by someone on the Port Commission who ISN’T making an above average salary. Does anyone there fall in that category? Many people in Santa Cruz live on less than $24k annually, including retired people who use the access, and are subjected to all the same expenses as those who make more. $10 is too high. How about $5?

    • I am a frequent paddler at the Harbor and agree this fee is outrageously high. It seems as though the Port District is getting greedy and taking advantage of the increased growth of stand up, kayaking, and the canoeing. I do spend money when I’m there. I fill the parking meter with quarters and sometimes grab a sandwich and a beer at Aldo’s. What’s next, charging the walkers and runners who use the sidewalks and use the bathrooms. How about a small yearly fee to use the hand launch ramps??

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